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Associate Banking Diploma
Entry Requirements

Holder of any of the following qualifications may proceed directly to the Associateship examinations:
(i) TIOB/CIB Banking Certificate award
(ii) CPA(T) -NBAA
(iii) CSP - NBMM Materials Management NBMM Diploma (CSP)
(iv) University of Dar es Salaam: BA Degree, B.Com Degree, M.Com., M.A and MBA.
(i) IDM – Mzumbe: MBA, MPA and Advanced Diploma holders except ADPA and ADHA.
(ii) IFM – Dar es Salaam: All Advanced Diploma holders, PGD and M.Sc. Financial Management and Ordinary Diploma in Banking
(iii) Cooperative College, Moshi: Advanced Diploma in Accountancy.
(iv) CBE – Dar es Salaam: Advanced Diploma in Business Administration.
Subject Exemption
Exemptions are granted on subject to subject basis and candidates are expected to submit their transcripts together with a fee set at the same rate as the corresponding examination entry fee. The qualifications currently exempted in Accountancy and/or Management subjects are CPA (T) of NBAA, MBA and MPA of IDM. Mzumbe and overseas postgraduate qualification in the relevant fields.
Associate Banking Diploma — Core Courses: (click to see course details)

1. Accountancy II

4. The Monetary and Financial Systems 
2. Law Relating to Banking 5. Strategic Marketing Management
3. Management and Organazation 6. International Trade Finance
Associate Banking Diploma. Options Subjects
Courses: (click to see course details)

1. Investment

7. Administration of Estates
2. Insurance 8. Administration of Trusts
3. Financial Services 9. Information Sector Micro-Finance
4. Banking Operations - Regulations, Market practice & Treasury Management 10. Reginal and International Development
5. Corporate Banking - Pracice and Law 11. Management of Information Technology
6. Housing 12. Lending and International Business