Tanzania Institute of Bankers

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To be eligible to enter the Banking Certificate, a candidate must be a member of The Tanzania Institute of Bankers. In addition, the candidate must posses the following approved ratings:

Banking Certificate
(a) Must either have worked in a bank/financial institution for a minimum of five (5) years plus at least a C Credit in English and Mathematics in Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) or its equivalent.
Must be a Form VI leaver with at least one principal level pass in Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE) or its equivalent and must have passed English language at CSE level.
(c) Holder of certificate from NBMM or diploma from Career Centre of Zanzibar or Technician certificate from NBAA.
Banking Certificate Courses: (click to see course details)

1. Accountancy I

5. Principles of Economics
2. Marketing, Customer Service & Business Ethics 6. Principles of Law
3. Banking Operations & Quantitative Analysis 7. Information Technology
4. Introduction to Management & Business Communication